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Edak Milex case restoration

I came across an army surplus stall at a car show. Sitting in the mud, half full of water, were these two metal flight cases. They’d been used in Basra but suffered from flood damage and were sold off.

Beaten, old boxes.

I’d been thinking about a 19″ rack for some of my equipment for a while and noticed that these boxes had 19″ rack cages inside. I asked the stall holder how much he wanted for them and was pleasantly surprised when he said £10 each. I snapped them up and carried them back to our car.

When I got home I did a little research and found the manufacturers website. Edak, based in Switzerland manufacture these specialist cases for military use. I realised that they probably would have been fairly expensive so decided to restore them.

Milex Schematic

Milex exploded view

State of the boxes

I had a quick go at stripping the paint from the metal, but it wouldn’t budge, Acetate, Nitromors, white spirit, nothing shifted it.


So, I found a local company that could sandblast them, Stockport Powdercoating Company. They were able to blast both boxes and the end covers after I’d removed the rack cages and any other parts I could.

The result what a nice matt finish of bare alloy.

Blasted box with cage removed.

Blasted box with cage removed.

I then spent a few days priming, and spraying a gloss metallic finish. A few layers of clear coat lacquer made for a hard wearing surface.

A few of the plastic lock inserts were broken, Edak were kind enough to supply these free of charge.

IMG_0611 - Version 2


Finished boxes

With a few extra rack fixings, and some more equipment added, I’m really happy with the results. Should world war III happen, at least my amp will be ok.