SOLD – Ami WQ-200 Wall Box

You know those times when you’re browsing eBay and somehow you end up looking at things that had never been on your radar? Well, this is one of those projects.

Somehow, I ended up bidding and more surprisingly, winning a Ami Wq-200 Wall Box. A wall box was traditionally connected to a jukebox to allow selection of tracks from a table or booth, like you see in old diners. By itself, it didn’t play music.

Finished Wall Box

What I did find was a clever little device that interprets the signal from the wall box and controls the playback of an iPod playlist. The device came from the lovely Ann Marie at Ann Marie was able to ship it from the States and it arrived in just a few days. The wiring is really simple, just 2 wires connected to the signal terminals.

iPod adpter

The wall box itself was in fairly good condition, a few pits in the chrome and some wiring that was a bit questionable but not too bad. I managed to get a 240V > 30V AC transformer from for a few quid.

The main issue with the operation of the wall box was the alignment of the selector arm, not returning to the default place. The adjustment for this was described in the service manual so quite a simple fix.

At some point, somebody had added a relay and some extra wiring to the credit / motor circuit, it looks as if there was occasional overshooting when credits were added. I was able to remove some of the wiring and rewire some of the power lines.

Extra wiring


After a bit more tinkering, the wall box was working correctly, cleaned up the contacts, new bulbs and polished out some of the scratches from the plastic window.

My Custom base plate

Finished Wall Box

Here’s a video of the finished wall box, all shiny.

2 thoughts on “SOLD – Ami WQ-200 Wall Box

  1. Darren says:

    Hi there just want to know how much is the AMI WQ -200 duke box I am located in Sydney Australia

    • Mark says:


      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The wallbox is £300+ on eBay UK. However, it weighs about 35kg so shipping to Austrailia would be very expensive and not worthwhile for you I don’t think.

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