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Questions about the Ami WQ-200 Wall Box

Here are some images to illustrate the crack and chip on the top righthand corner of the wall box.

There’s a small hairline crack about 1 inch and on the corner a chip out of the casting. The chip is right on the corner so isn’t really visible when the wall box is shut.

The hairline crack runs towards the corner and there the chip measuring about 1.5cm. Hopefully these clear up the situation for you.

I’ve done a video on YouTube to illustrate this more and gives a bit more detail about the functionality and shots of the inside.

San Francisco

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A day in Chicago

In 2008 We stopped in Chicago for a whistle stop tour of the city. These are some of the sights we saw.

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Beaches, Sunsets and amazing places.

These are some “tweaked” shots from our travels to Western USA. Sitting in a cold, grey Manchester, dreaming of the warmth of the Californian sun.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In December 2011 we visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Universal Resort Florida

Some photos of Universal Studios, January 2012.

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Disney’s EPCOT Park

Our trip to EPCOT in December 2011.

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom

A few photos of our trip to Disney’s Magical Kingdom in January 2012.

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Rockets, Shuttles and Astronauts

In January 2012 we visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Routes, Roads, Freeways and Interstates.

Nothing compares to the open road, vast skies and a distant horizon. On our travels, we’ve driven across deserts, over mountains and over time-zones. These are some of the photographs of our journey.

Most of these were taken in 2008 during our East Coast to West Coast road trip.

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