Universal Resort Florida

Some photos of Universal Studios, January 2012.

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Disney’s EPCOT Park

Our trip to EPCOT in December 2011.

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom

A few photos of our trip to Disney’s Magical Kingdom in January 2012.

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Rockets, Shuttles and Astronauts

In January 2012 we visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Christmas Reindeer

We needed something to put on our Christmas cards this year. These toy Reindeer seemed to fit the bill.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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Routes, Roads, Freeways and Interstates.

Nothing compares to the open road, vast skies and a distant horizon. On our travels, we’ve driven across deserts, over mountains and over time-zones. These are some of the photographs of our journey.

Most of these were taken in 2008 during our East Coast to West Coast road trip.

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“The Cardinal” T-Shirt

The Cardinal T-Shirt

The Cardinal T-Shirt

If you like this T-Shirt, you can buy it now or customise it here

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Mindfulness Photography

As part of some training I’m doing, I’ve been trying to be more aware of what’s around me, taking the time to stop and think about an object, sound, smell or other sense. The “here and now” is important and I need to regain it, apparently.

So, as part of that training, I’ve been taking pictures of things around me, things I pass by everyday.

This set of photos is of objects from just one room in this cluttered house.

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Watery things

It’s only when I started tagging photos that I began to develop themes of pictures.

These are some of the photos I’d tagged as “water”.

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